In art and in life, I am searching for ways to let the static experience of a single view give way to the ecstatic possibilities of the ephemeral. To me, art serves as a bridge between the known and the unknown, between old wisdom and new possibilities.  I use a variety of materials (paper, paint, found ephemera) as well as figurative and abstract imagery to explore philosophical and spiritual questions.  Whether focusing on the interconnected nature of life, the ephemeral nature of conflict, or the sacred in the everyday, I draw inspiration from the power of art’s silence and stillness to convey knowledge.

I spent the first half of my career working on environmental conservation projects and the natural world continues to inspire me as I look for ways to extend my understanding of our relationship to ourselves, to each other and to the word around us.  I have a degree in political philosophy and environmental conservation and I studied and continue to study art and art history in the U.S. and Italy. I am grateful to all of my teachers. 

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