Ablution Series Part I

A sink is an object at once empty and full of possibilities, a reminder of the scared in the guise of the everyday. It can be a baptismal font, a place to stack the dishes, a place to wash our hands. On a visit to the prison on Alcatraz Island I was struck by the presence of small white sinks in the otherwise dim light of each cell. As I have worked with these forms over the years they have taken on various meanings and relationships to the surrounding environments becoming at once portals to the flow of life and reminders of the fragility of the human body. 

Ablution Series Part II

These paintings extend my interest in the changing nature of form to a more open field of possibility. I suppose the paintings in this series are abstractions but they are also images of potential—a place where forms find the first hints of resonance.  I am interested in creating a beautiful resistance in these paintings in the way that Giorgio Agamben describes resistance, “as an impediment to potentiality’s blind rush to complete itself.” 

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